What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a VOIP system?

When looking for more innovative and effective ways to better internal and external communications in your business, the first step is to do your research.

The VOIP system has taken the lead.

A VoIP System stands Voice over Internet Protocol. In simpler terms, this means being able to communicate with the use of the internet.

Although this system seems to have just hit the scene, it has actually been around since 1973 when the Department of State office was searching for  groundbreaking ways to transmit information.

Fast-forward to today, and millions of businesses wouldn’t be able to run their companies without one of these.

VoIP systems have become increasingly popular because of how simple and cost-effective they have become. Not long ago, making international calls was both expensive and uncomfortable.

Now, by connecting your smartphone to any given internet service you are connected and ready to work.

Every technology has a long list of benefits and could also have its own setbacks.

Let’s go over what advantages and disadvantages the VoIP System has.

Advantages of VoIP Systems:

VoIP phone service providers provide a long list of benefits to any small businesses, home offices and many residential users.

  • Cost-effective communicationThe use of this system creates important financial savings.Why?

    Your main resource is an internet connection, so the biggest expense is your monthly internet payment.

    You can make free PC to PC calls anywhere in the world. Making a PC to Phone call will generate a certain cost. It is also possible to sign up for different VoIP systems that include phone calls if need be for a much better price than a regular phone service.

  • Fewer tax costsSince all calls are made through the internet, governments do not tax these types of phone services.
  • Easy to use from ANYWHERESay you’re in a small town in Indonesia trying to reach a client in Canada. Not a problem. No matter where you are, you can reach clients and co-workers without an issue.Distance is no longer a problem or an issue that impedes communication accessibility. The cost is the same and so is the connection.

    By signing in to your VoIP account, with a broadband internet connection you can write emails, make calls to one or more than one person.

    This kind of benefit brings freedom of working from pretty much anywhere that has an internet connection. It lets you travel, simply packing your laptop and headset.

  • Forget about cables.Cabling is expensive and just adds to clutter.Having a VoIP number is completely mobile and virtual. You can take this number with you anywhere you go.

    If you decide to move your business to another office, even in another state or country, your communications will not be affected. Always stay in touch.

    The most attractive characteristics offered by VoIP phone systems include flexibility and its multitude of features. 

    This system has features like call waiting, call forwarding, three-way call, and even video conferencing.

    Your Mitel VOIP System manages and integrates your address book, making your accessibility simpler and faster.

    When speaking to co-workers and clients you’ll need to exchange data like forms, documents, and images. All these services are included in your VoIP system.

Disadvantages of VoIP:

VoIP systems have a long list of benefits that can enhance your work life and personal life.

Every technology that exists makes your life easier but can also have its downside.

Some of the disadvantages this system could have are:

  • When you have a power outage, communication becomes difficult.Living in countries where there are power outages can affect the stability of your communications.In case of a blackout, a regular phone service usually keeps working. In order to use your VoIP phone, you would need a power generator or special adapters.
  • Emergency callsAlthough we want to feel connected at all times, in a rare weather complication or  power outage, we can generally manage.The problem lies if there is a 911 emergency.

    Traditional phone lines stay connected so that if needed, police can trace your location. Since Voice Over IP connect through IP addresses (not physical ones), there is no way to establish from where the call is coming if you cannot speak.

  • ReliabilityThis specific business phone system relies solely on your internet connection and undoubtedly depends on your broadband service or even the limitations for PC could have.A poor internet connection can lead to distorted sound and video, deteriorating the quality of your call significantly.

    This tendency increases when using a highly congested network.

  • VoIP Voice QualityThe VOIP system’s quality improves every day, though few users still report robotic-like voices in a call. This malfunction results from a poor internet connection, the hardware, you provider’s service and from where you are making the call.Fewer users are claiming to have this experience.
  • SecurityOne of the main concerns users for business owners is the security of this network.As with any technology, this system has its risks. Being connected implies the risk of computer viruses, spam or hacking.

    VoIP systems have their benefits and drawbacks, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks greatly. The few faults of the system are easily overcome.

Having a VOIP system in place is an ideal solution for both big and small institutions.

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