What are Cloud Contact Centers?

Cloud contact centers are virtual hubs to easily contact your clients with technology, thereby broadening your communication capacities and your business reach.

These centers provide quick and easy access to the services needed to communicate in today’s technological world.

Different from a call center, the contact center manages communication with customers or clients over different channels. A call center, on the other hand, only manages phone calls.

Having a contact center is a key solution to any organization for guaranteed success. There must be a department that handles calls or sales. When a client does not feel taken care of, it can damage your reputation and negatively affect your revenue.

A company or organization of a larger size faces a variety of new challenges as they grow. The bigger your business, the bigger the communication scale should be. Clients want their questions answered.

What do customers/clients expect?

  • Clients and customers expect simple and direct communication with the company or business they have hired or seek to hire. Whether it be a phone call, an instant message chart or an email, clients expect a swift response.
  • Clients need to have easy access to the contact centers and should not struggle to achieve basic contact.
  • For any business communication to work the contact center must be as efficient as possible. Processes need to be laid out, managed and automatized. Interactive functions like hold music or automated responses help make the client feel acknowledged.
  • Every service provided should be optimized and made as simple as possible for each and every client.
  • The IT team in your company should provide quick and easy ways to optimize the contact center. The priority is making communication comfortable for both the company and the client.

Having and offering a Cloud Contact Center makes large and small organizations accessible, increasing their short-term and long-term successful. Your business depends on those satisfied clients that feel their needs are being met.

Features Provided by Cloud Contact Center Solution:

  •  It incorporates all of the communications into one channel, streamlining everything into one system. This unity allows your whole team communicate with the client through the same channel. Different mediums of communication and types of correspondence are all consolidated. Record client calls, store email logs, and keep track of text messages—all in one place.
  • The cloud system has call-routing. This feature helps ensure the customer is correctly directed to the specific department related to their concern. Routing calls reduces the time it takes for a consumer or client to reach you, and reaching their solution more quickly drives clients to place more future trust in your business.
  • The Cloud also helps managers to manage better. Team managers can parse and make use of their time more effectively. Optimize efficiency, and make sure your team is always on task
  • Managers and supervisors need information. The cloud is one of the most effective ways to collect certain information. Users can easily access call data to see how long each call takes, how long clients need to wait until they get a response, or how long an agent takes to receive a call. Making use of data patterns leads to more informed and effective business decisions
  • Using a Cloud Communication service provider like MITEL eliminates the need for expensive and bulky phone hardware to access to the system.

Business contact centers have gone through major changes in the past years. With continuous cloud innovations, such centers have improved the interaction between companies and their customers.
Around 62% of businesses have already moved to the cloud and 42% of companies are in the midst of doing so as well, according to DMG consulting.

So why are companies moving to the cloud?

  1. Fast and easy to implement.We all want things right now, both quickly and easily. As the cloud system can be implemented far more efficiently and with less cost than an on-premise system, it’s the ideal solution. On-premise technology can take months to deploy, and the cloud take maximum of a week to be up and running.
  2. Enhanced SecurityA standing concern is that of the cloud’s security, as it contains a slew of private information. Cloud contact centers have invested large amounts of time and money to provide higher and more encrypted security than on-premise contact centers, ensuring that your information is safe.
  3. Scalable and flexibleIdeally your company is growing quickly, and you will have to bring on new people. With cloud centers, easily on-board new employees or off-board old ones. Even choose the level of access available to remote agents, maintaining such agents on the same system with limited access. Again, adding or removing them can take minutes.
  4. Globalized BusinessBecause of how easy it is to add or remove agents from the cloud communications system, you provide more options to your own clients. Offer agents that speak different languages, more easily hiring a remote employee. With a cloud center, access a new set of options for reducing costs and amplifying your range of access.
  5. Effortless InnovationWhen it comes implementing new features and innovations, cloud solutions thrive. With the click of a button, your system is updated to the new version of the cloud communication solution. Contrast this with on-premise call centers in which you need an expert to go and update your system manually, a slow and more complicated process.
  6. Immediate dataCloud centers provide all your information in real time. Information really is power. Accessing your required data in the moment leads faster choices and allows you to provide better services for your clients.
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