What are cloud business solutions and why does your small business need them to grow?

Our mode of communication sets us apart from the rest of the species on our planet.

We have language and the capacity to put thoughts into words.

Throughout history, we have continuously been looking for different ways to record language and make communication more permanent, as our memory is quite fallible.

Speaking, symbols and letters, words, and eventually books allowed us to record our thoughts. Thousands of years later, we text, write e-mails, articles, blogs, social posts… and who knows what’s coming next.

We have even felt the need to separate the channels with which we communicate in order to categorize”our life. Through text, we communicate with our friends. Through facebook, we communicate with estranged friends or acquaintances. For colleagues or work, I use a completely different system. Mostly Cloud Business Solutions.

Cloud VoIP and office phone systems basically refer to a phone system that relies on the internet to communicate within a company.

The most attractive aspects of this type of phone system are the affordability and swiftness. You do not need a large investment for hardware, installation or maintenance.

It makes it a very practical and efficient solution for not only small businesses but any type of business.

Let’s take a look at why a cloud business solution is ideal to help your company grow:

1. Flexibility 

You can run your business from anywhere. You can collaborate with your team, talk to clients, follow up on any of your tasks on the go.

2. Centralized Communication 

You are able to have all of your company’s communication in one place. It doesn’t matter whether it is by phone, messages, or texts. It is all stored in one central place, so you have easy access to all information.

3. People like people

90% of clients worldwide prefer to be received or attended by another person and not a robot. Using a cloud business solution will ensure your customer’s satisfaction. Improve the experience they have with you and receive positive feedback to then convert even more clients.

4. Teleconferencing 

Companies today have teams based all over the world, a natural result of globalization. Being able to have conference calls with your team from ANYWHERE saves you and everybody else time, money and resources.

5. Supervisor visibility

Using a business phone service allows for supervisors and managers to oversee all the communications, calls, messages and reports.

Ensure that everyone is using the portal correctly and scaling to a more professional and efficient way of working together.

6. Scalability 

When you use traditional phone services, adding someone to your team means buying new equipment and a costly hassle. Using a phone cloud solution makes it easy to add a new user by just opening a new account.

Scale the system with little to no cost.

This is undoubtedly the most convenient and technological route to take to improve your company’s communication tools.

But which is the best Cloud Solution out there?

After doing extensive research and trying out with different businesses, here at CT Solutions we have chosen MITEL as the best phone system provider for call centers for a few different reasons:

  • They provide the most flexibility

    Mitel systems offer different plans, services, and options, adapting to your small or large business. Mix and match to build the plan for you. This personalized approach conveniently fits your specific business needs.

  • They are trustworthy

    Mitel’s system is know to be reliable. Their system has a 99.97 – 100 % uptime, meaning it is always up and running.

    Customer service is available 24/7 every day of the year. All of their employees are trained on fixing the most common and complicated of issues. They always follow up on user experience to constantly improve client relationships.

  • Great prices

    Whether you are using their cloud service or in-house service, Mitel has competitive prices for very high-quality service.

    Whether you have 1,000 employees or 1, Mitel has the best communication option for you.

    Cloud phone services are the simplest, most flexible and cost-friendly solution to any type of business today.

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