The Ultimate Rundown on Mitel Phone Settings

Miami is a vibrant town known for being a melting pot of cultures. Miami is the definition of diversity, and to thrive in this exciting culture, you need to embrace its diverse energy. The Mitel phone consoles are the embodiment of being versatile. If you have an active business or are already established in your market but need to add that final touch, then one of the Mitel phones will be perfect for you.

What is Mitel?

Mitel is a communications corporation that has been on the driving edge of technology for over 40+ years. They have been helping businesses connect with their customers to provide a better and more in-depth service. They have also revolutionized the way companies communicate internally, creating a smooth and accessible system that can be modified for each type of user. Today Mitel consoles are used in over 100 countries and have more than 65 million users.

Innovation has been a core value for Mitel, and it has been their driving force, providing them the opportunity to become leading experts in the world of communications. Being so ingrained in innovation allows their team to evolve with the times to better understand and serve the needs of their customers and employees as well.

Mitel is excellent at communicating, as we have clearly stated, but what makes them better than the competition? Mitel provides daily assistance to help you navigate the numerous applications and features at your disposal so that you are connected to your customers 24/7. Mitel’s primary focus is to make sure that your communications are second to none, that you are always ready for what may come.

Cool facts about Mitel

  • They have the top private cloud service internationally.
  • More than 4.5+ million cloud users
  • Used in over 100+ countries
  • Over $1.2 billion in revenue
  • More than 1,600 patents
  • Top number of total cloud users worldwide

Phone Features and Applications/Functions

The Mitel phone systems are some of the most sophisticated consoles on the market today, yet they are also very user-friendly. Adaptability is one of the features that separates Mitel from other communications companies. Most of the Mitel phones have adaptable keys and functions so that the user can adapt the phone to fit their needs and not the other way around.

Of course, the Mitel phones come with the basic features, such as:

  • A built-in display that is fully interactive and touch-sensitive. The size of the screen and the number of functions available vary depending on the model of the phone. But in most phones, the screen is backlit and comes with 10+ customizable characters.

Various fixed keys with multiple functions such as:

  • Indicating the available messages.
  • Volume control both for the ringer and speakerphone.
  • State-of-the-art handset. Even though the speakerphone is excellent, the handset allows you to have more privacy, which equates to more productivity.
  • Top-of-the-line speakerphone, with crisp and clear sound.
  • Settings, Redial, Hold, Transfer, Conference (in and out), and Cancel feature.
  • Navigation function, which will help you navigate through the phone’s menu and various available functions.
  • Over 20 customizable keys, which will allow you to customize each console as you wish. This will not only help you save time and money, but it will help you provide a better service for your customers across the board.

We just got a glimpse at some of the functions that the Mitel consoles can perform, but what separates Mitel from the rest is their web-based applications. These applications allow you to be connected 24/7 from any location, meaning you and your team can work remotely without missing a beat.

The applications also allow the user to run diagnostics and updates on demand. This will result in less downtime, better system functions, and a faster product.

The less time spent navigating through the endless list of functions on these types of enterprise phones means more time is available to serve your customer base. More efficiency on the floor equals more savings and a more productive team. Miami is such a big city, with an endless amount of traffic, so why waste your precious time swerving in and out of traffic? You and your team can quickly start working remotely, save on overhead, and stay connected all the time. The Mitel phones are the accessory needed to take your business to the next level.