Mobility: What It Is and How It Impacts Your Business


In the last decade, our world has become increasingly more connected every second of every day with innovative devices. Technologies like wireless connection, phones, and computers have skyrocketed the efficiency that we hear breaking news, contact relatives in different states, and see the world from our homes. By welcoming these technologies into our day-to-day lives, society has re-learned how to communicate, especially in professional atmospheres. This can generally be referred to as communication mobility, which is the use of a wireless device or a service may be used while moving. Though it sounds pretty simple, there are more ways than just cellphones that impact a business through mobility. 


What is Mobility?

Mobility is the capability to participate in communication, access data, and send or receive files from any place at any time when managed through one unified system. By implementing this into a company’s workflow, each employee becomes more aligned with one another and is able to increase working efficiency throughout departments. For example, the increase in work from home employees has skyrocketed and the flexibility has forced companies to utilize cloud systems to stay collaborative.

Although necessary, there are still many holes in the majority of mobile plans when it comes to maintenance, pricing, and managing an entire company of individual devices. So how can you make sure you get the best mobile system in place for your team?

The Easy Answer

Active internet users have surpassed 4.57 billion just since 2020, to which over three-quarters of those users are on mobile devices. This soar in mobile device usage in the last two decades has changed how businesses use technology.

The first step is working with a company that focuses on management and simplification of the devices. One example is MetTel, a leading provider of mobility IT solutions for businesses and government agencies nationwide. Their job is to organize a company’s mobile services and bills to one plan that they can easily help manage. By doing this, company’s avoid higher, individual costs for single devices per user and have a specialized team working with them to manage the technological side through one portal.

In addition to simple mobile plans, companies like MetTel typically help with broken devices, onboarding new employees, and other common issues that companies find with devices. As business continues to grow, it’s important that the management and working power behind mobile networks stays consistent, which is why a mobile management expert is needed. MetTel’s job is to pull all of the mobile resources your team may need into one plan, one portal, and handle all of the support so your team doesn’t have to. 

How CT Can Help

Our team specializes in local customer service to ensure you set and achieve communication goals. Mobility is one of many professional systems we help customers with every day. From strategy to implementation, to all around customer care, we’re happy to serve as a funnel for all of your communication needs.

If you’re looking to upgrade your systems or find out more about improvements your team can make, set up a call with us!