How the Mitel 5360 IP Phone can improve efficiency in the workplace

Atlanta is one of the hottest cities in the US right now. The economic development and growth of local businesses have been on a steady rise year after year. Foreign investment keeps pouring into the city. After all, Atlanta is the hub of one of the biggest airlines in the US. Therefore the amount of traffic coming into Atlanta is one of the highest in the country. Increased traffic makes it an excellent scenario for businesses to invest in their growth and in their people to grow with them.

Now, why is this relevant when talking about a communications console? Because the Mitel phone consoles are not your regular run-of-the-mill business phone. The Mitel 5360 IP phone will not only improve your internal and external communications, but it will allow you to be more efficient and productive. And in an ever-growing market that gets more competitive and more demanding each day, having tools that make your day easier and gives you an advantage over your competitors is priceless, and the Mitel 5360 IP offers you this edge.

The Mitel, 5360 IP phone console is the latest gem coming from the Mitel phone systems. It is a high-tech IP phone that includes a large, full-colored touch display screen, which allows for seamless navigation within the phone’s multiple applications and commands. The ease with which you can navigate all the options instantly allows your business to take advantage of the productivity-enhancing features in the phone.

The Mitel 5360 IP phone comes equipped with a wide variety of applications and features to make your day-to-day more accessible and more efficient. But that is not enough for a Mitel phone of this capability, as in addition to the traditional applications is a web-based number of online applications that can be downloaded and installed to further your productivity levels.

All these new applications are amazing and game-changers, but that is not all that the Mitel 5360 IP phone has to offer. Combining these game-changing application ad features with a console that already includes a wideband audio interface, which makes for crisp and clear communications both with customers and internally. Furthermore, we have the integral Gigabit Ethernet port, which gives us direct access to all the web-based applications, features, and updating tools that are vital for the productivity of the Mitel 5360 IP.

The Mitel 5360 IP offers the flexibility needed to be successful in today’s demanding business markets. It’s embedded with the MiVoice platform, which makes the Mitel 5360 IP one of the best phones for businesses who want to work remotely and who offer flexible options for their employees. Anywhere, anytime should be the motto for this phone console. After all, it allows you to be productive in any scenario. The end game with all the applications and features is the flexibility that comes with the Mitel 5360 IP.

The Mitel 5360 IP phone has the latest technology in the IP world, bringing the most recent advancements to your fingertips. It is an excellent option for high executives and management because it includes a vast network of information, features, and applications without the need for a computer. Management will be thankful for the productivity benefits that come from having a huge color touch screen display. It allows them (management) and their employees to easily navigate through the applications, all while talking to a customer at the same time, and it will enable multitasking with ease. The better and faster you can serve your customers means you and your team can get more done in less time, literally the definition of efficiency.

The Mitel 5360 IP phone provides any business with the latest and best overall tool, not only communications that will help your business grow organically. And in an ever-evolving market like Atlanta, if you are not ahead of the curve, you might be lost. Please don’t allow your business to be lost, equip them with a Mitel 5360 IP phone, and enjoy the benefits that will come with this investment.