Easy-to-use Tools that Make Collaboration Simple

If you have a business, you know very well the priceless value of a collaborative team.

We live in the era of immediacy.

Uber and Amazon Prime have not only changed our lives (let’s be honest, it’s so much easier now), but such services changed our mentalities. Millions of other companies have encountered the need to switch up their strategies in order to be successful!

Thirty years ago, people worked in very individualized environments. You had your tasks and went through your day without too much interaction with your co-workers, excluding  gossip and singing happy birthday.

Now, we depend on the work of our teammates in order to successfully complete our own responsibilities.

Collaborative environments mean work gets done faster, and everyone can use their strengths for better ultimate products or services.

To turn your business into a collaborative environment, certain changes that need to be made.

Here are 2 simple actions you can take to improve teamwork in your organization:

1. Go tech!

Technology is a paradox. It has hurt some forms of human connection but significantly improved others.

Is technology good or bad? It depends on how you use it. Be smart about the IT Solutions you use in your business to make it better.

Make communication a priority. A team that does not communicate does not get anything done. Use some of the tools I will list here to get to discussing:

  • Flowdock

    Great for private chats and adding notifications from other channels like Twitter or Asana.

  • Slack

    Powerful for instant messaging, file transfers and integrations with other systems.

  • GoTo Meeting

    Easy for video conference and screen sharing

  • WebEx

    Simple to host meetings, webinars, and customer support.

2. Focus on your client

Good employees can make a company great. If the smaller tasks are done well, the overall goal is served and the profit rolls in.

But how can we make our clients love our awesome employees as much as we do?

We make sure they are easily reachable to make the client’s life simpler.

As a business, you can do that by looking for a cloud business solution.

What exactly is this?

An office phone system can fully serve the needs of an organization

It makes communication easier inside and outside of the workspace. There are tons of business phone systems in the market but the best one according to “Business News” is Mitel.

Mitel offers both cloud business solutions as well as on-site business solutions, making it a flexible option for your company.

Here at CT Solutions, we offer Mitel phone services in both the Miami  and Atlanta  area.

Chad Brooks from Business News found a series of reasons as to why Mitel is the best phone solution for small businesses. First,

  • Pricing.

    The cost of their system changes with the hosting options you choose.

    This cloud-hosted system offers various service plans. Mix and match plans that adapt to your business’ necessities. Not many other cloud business solutions offer this kind of flexibility.

  • Easy to Use

    One of the most ideal features Mitel Phone System Solutions offers is simplicity.

    All you need to get it up and running are IP phones, enough bandwidth to support your call.

  • Customer Service

    Last but most importantly, CT Solutions prioritizes customer service. Employees strive to remain friendly and knowledgeable about how everything works.

    All questions are answered thoroughly, and clients remain on the line until we’re sure their needs have been met.

    Support is available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

    These first steps are a catalyst to get your team in a collaborative mindset.

    Do yourself and your clients a favor.