Cut Cost and Increase Efficiency by Switching to The Cloud



What if we told you that your company could save thousands, or even millions, just by implementing the right communications system?


As crazy as it may sound, it is possible to revamp your company’s spending by engaging helpful tools that improve functionality and efficiency for your employees. In 2022, cloud communication systems have reinvented work environments by introducing operations that are designed for your company’s specific needs. A recent case study by RingCentral showed that even naturally fast-paced working environments greatly improve their workflow by switching their communications systems to the cloud. 

In this study, the focus was on CHG Healthcare, a provider for staffing and assistance to healthcare companies. As the country’s largest provider of locum tenens healthcare services, CHG was eager to find a communication system that allowed quicker employee accessibility, in and out of the office. With RingCentral’s help, CHG was projected to have saved $1.1M in two years. Director of IT operations for CHG, Terry Smith, expressed that the multi-level cloud integration allowed their company to find new levels of efficiency, calculate continuous company-wide savings, and adapt to an online-heavy work environment– especially post-Covid. 


One important characteristic of their cloud system that Smith raved about was the capability to customize operations, which greatly improved communication between departments by creating simple, secure access through the cloud. For example, CHG implemented Okta, a multi-factor authentication system that enhances security when accessing a business’s integrated apps. Despite seeming like a simple password identification app, Okta can improve workflow by lessening the number of steps needed to communicate and deliver information across all departments. 

Although, cost effectiveness does not distract from the idea of cloud services being an intimidating journey for those who are unfamiliar. Not only are there various avenues to take, but most companies become attached to their daily rhythm and have difficulty finding the perfect cloud setup to maintain momentum while also improving workflow. For these very reasons, we suggest working with a team that guides you through a plan, the implementation, and the one-on-one service needed to become comfortable with the cloud and adapt it to your company’s specific needs. 


How can we help you make the switch?

If you're hesitant about transitioning your company to the cloud, our accredited experts are here to help. Between the planning, the setup, and the maintenance, our job is to make sure you have the system your business needs to succeed. Set up a call with us to chat!

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