A Developer’s Favorite Tool: Cloud Communication Platforms

Developers are a different breed of workers. They are responsible for creating and coding all software and applications that we use in our everyday lives. Needless to say, this is a very coveted and competitive industry, mainly among computer manufacturers and software publishing companies.

In simpler terms, developers are responsible for making every app, game, operating system, program, and software that we routinely use (even without realizing it) during our daily lives.

It is essential for us to at least have an idea of what a developer does and how they work, to understand why cloud communication is a vital tool for all developers. Before we dive more into why cloud services are so crucial for developers, we should take a look at what cloud communications are and how it is used daily by most people, developers, or not.

What is Cloud Communications, and Why is it Essential?

Cloud communications is a mixture of various methods of communication. These include but are not limited to email, video calls, and voice calls. The idea was to combine them in one platform, which would reduce lagging, provide better sound quality, more reliability, increased options and features to use, and overall a complete communication product.

In other words, all cloud services are internet-enabled communication services, which include remote storage that can be accessed at any time; all you need is a reliable internet connection.

Cloud communication is essential because they can and should improve efficiency in your business while reducing costs simultaneously. Without cloud services, companies have to purchase expensive hardware and sign unnecessary costly contracts. Especially if you are a small business, these unwanted expenses could be the difference between being successful or having to close up shop.

All business owners want and need their business to thrive and grow organically. Cloud communication is one of the first steps required to be able to compete with anybody, as it provides flexibility, mobility, and most importantly, it gives the team the option of making their own choices.

The benefits are amazing, and below we will list some of the main reasons you should be using cloud communications for your business.

Best Team:

For business owners and employees alike, this feature is a game-changer. Basically, cloud communication services give the user the option of working remotely, which also means the company can begin hiring remote workers. Using cloud communication platforms, you now get to hire candidates from across the globe, meaning there is no need to only recruit within your vicinity. If the right candidate, or in the other case, the right job for you is halfway across the world, this should not be an issue anymore. This advantage also implies expanding to new territories can be seamless, and the transition smoother.

24/7 Connection:

Be connected with your team (if this is for business use) or with your friends and loved ones (if you are using for personal use). You can have video calls from anywhere so you can arrange meetings or social calls at any time from any worldwide location.

Cost Reduction:

This feature is almost exclusive for businesses and can be vital to their bottom lines, especially for small or medium-sized companies. Imagine having your team operate remotely (if this is a viable option for your type of business). You can now eliminate traditional phone contracts, reduce overhead, and in some instances, even get rid of the physical infrastructure.

By using cloud services, you reduce all of these expenses; by going remote, you reduce your costs and increase the team’s morale. It is truly a win-win situation.

What is the Most Essential Feature for Developers?


This is one of the essential features for developers (granted developers created this specifically for developers). It is simple and allows its users to have remote access to all their stored information at all times.

For one, all the file backups and sharing are made automatic by using cloud services, a reduced worry for any business or individual. Speaking from experience, my laptop died a few weeks ago, and all my information was lost with it. I made the colossal mistake of not backing up my computer with my usual cloud service, and now I am literally paying for this mistake.

More than flexibility, this gives us options to choose where and when and how we work, meaning we can customize our platform to fit our daily needs better.

Cloud Communication services are the present and the future: all you need is a steady internet connection and you are connected from anywhere and at any time. These services are here to make our lives easier and more manageable but can be daunting to set up and organize.

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